Accelerated program

This is hands down the fastest and most effective program we offer! A perfect alternative to in-home lessons. Designed for the person who wants a well mannered dog but doesn’t have the time needed for training. During this three-week course, your dog will have the benefit of many fun-filled lessons throughout the day in a controlled environment.

We create a custom program, which takes into consideration the breed, age, lifestyle, and individuality of your pet. Your dog learns at its own pace, which keeps the learning exciting and fun. As soon as your dog grasps the idea of a command (sometimes in seconds!) we recognize it and move to the next level. Our goal is to always keeping the lessons interesting and stimulating for your dog. There will be times when your dog will need more time to understand a new command. This is normal. In these situations patience, time, repetition, and a variety of positive approaches will help your dog succeed and maintain its confidence as they are learning.

All basic commands will be obeyed reliably. If your dog has already established some bad behaviors, removing him/her from their own familiar environment will absolutely help speed up the acceptance of the new rules in the house. You are welcome to stop by and even watch a training session. Videos of training and your dog’s progress will be sent to you while your dog is with us.

One of the most common questions about the Accelerated Program is: Do I need to train my dog myself so it will obey me? The answer is No. At the end of the training course we will teach you how to keep your dog obeying the commands they’ve learned. We will conduct several lessons with you, including at your home if needed. A good analogy is you don’t need to know how to build your car to drive it – it is the same thing with your dog. We’ll teach you how to “drive” your dog after the training is completed. We love dogs, which is why we do what we do and we want to reassure you that your dog will be treated as one of our own during their stay with us.

How can you tell? … By the tail wag of course!